Golla Mobile Lifestyle Laptop Messenger Bag fits a regular 15.4 laptop with more room for other items. This preppy lifestyle lap top bag has two large sections- one perfectly sized for your laptop, folders and charger, the other for carrying other miscellaneous items such as stationery, calculator and laptop accessories.

Each two sections are snugly secured with an drawstring and toggle. The front pocket is handy for holding your mouse, headphones and pens and even makeup or utility items.

Mobile Edge Ultraportable Backpack is made particularly to protect and carry smaller 8.9-Inch to 13-Inch Netbooks. It has sort of a biker feel to it with all the buckles and silver tabs, which goes really well with black/grey outfits. This is a very manly looking bag but is also suitable for girls going for the grungy look.

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SYNERGY from SwissGear laptop backpack is a very well thought out bag. It offers 3 different compartments from storing miscellaneous items like keys, USB drives, Mp3 players to protecting your 15.4″ laptop with all its accessories. The front pockets make looking for such things easy.

Rest assured that this bag delivers sturdy protection. Each compartment is fully lined and its laptop compartment is definitely well padded as well as form fitting. What is likable about this bag is its rigid, tough bottom that prevents your laptop bag from toppling over and harming your laptop. It allows it to sit upright in all occasions when it is not carried.

Belkin 17-Inch Messenger Bag has an elegant, simple and futuristic design. The bag is an efficient traveler’s accessory and will without doubt, fit your 17″ laptop like a glove. There is a smaller matching accessory case found within to store a laptop adapter. There are also several organizing pockets inside the bag to hold basic stationery and laptop devices.

Brenthaven Pro 15-17 Backpack is especially made for durability and safe-keeping of your 17″ Macbook or Powerbook. Built rugged and sturdy, don’t expect this bag to be a light-weight..

Brenthaven has specially patented a CORE Protection System that protects all 4 corners and 2 side panels, thus dealing less wear to your Macbook. Another fabulous feature is its rugged ballistic nylon that looks good even after years of use. Its tough hide is not only wear-proof and water-resistant, it also serves as a protection barrier for your laptop.

Case Logic SNBP-17 is the kind of canvas bag that you would happily take your laptop everywhere you and not find it a least bit bothersome. Why? Because the like a lifestyle bag with its rather flashy good looks, awesome capacity and comfort level.

Case Logic makes it logical to take your 17′ laptop with you where-ever you go as it is possible to adjust its shoulder straps and flap to suit your carrying style. Made from rugged canvas material, this bag stores your your laptop gadgetry and additional accessories in convenient zippered pockets located in both the exterior and interior.

There is also an external pouch at the front where you may store your adapter. While there isn’t as many organizing pockets in this bag as compared to other laptop backpacks, you can chug one or two cases for smaller items in the pockets to prevent them from swimming around in the bag.

Have you been looking for a professional looking laptop bag but dislike the cumbersome briefcase style laptop gas? Or maybe you dislike bearing the weight of the whole bag on one shoulder with messenger bags. If that is the case, then the Solo Leather Laptop Backpack is for the bag for you!

Made from solid leather, this backpack looks polished enough for your workplace’s office dress code and doesn’t jeopardize your expensive work suit or make you look like a mismatched hiker in work wear.

The Swissgear Computer Backpack is one attractive little viper. Opening this bag, you’ll see the varied compartments that fits a 15.4″ laptop like a glove.

It has a stylish grey-red-black color combination, coupled with a myriad of tiny padded pockets for holding tiny but important equipment like MP3 players, cellphone, USB drives, hard drives, gaming systems and more.

There are also side pockets for your water bottle and a hook for your sunglasses at the shoulder strap. (Aww…how thoughtful!) The design for this model is spectacular in terms of comfort too.

Laurex 15.4″ and 15.6″ Laptop Messenger Bag is a work of beauty. With seven unique designs to choose from, you can be sure that the probability of someone copying your style will be minimal.

Floral motif dominate this collection with finely embossed designs printed on quality textured pvc lined, waterproof nylon shell. The delicacy of the exterior design shows care and effort made into the durability of the design, hence we know this little gem is made to last.

The Case Logic SNMB-15F laptop messenger bag is the perfect transition bag from work/school to party/play. First of all, it has a built-in 916 bottle opener that’s embedded in the shoulder strap. Cool feature! This bag has a great individualistic design with an understated color. Nothing is as classy as a simple grey and black color combo.

This laptop messenger bag from case logic holds a 15.4″ screen laptop, essential laptop accessories, organizer pockets for your pens, ID cards, USB drives; there’s also an individual velcro pocket for your cellphone or MP3 player with deep wide space in the main compartment for books and a back slip for thin magazines or folders.

The laptop compartment is padded and lined for your laptop security, fasten with a velcro belt and on each side, there is a pocket with a velcro secured flap nifty for carrying sunglasses, keys, batteries or whatever you need quick access to.